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From: Kevin Chadwick <>
Subject: Re: Should light runtimes get more consideration?
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2023 09:46:23 -0000 (UTC)	[thread overview]
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>Bounded Text_Buffer instead. So the language addresses this particular 
>I don't know if GNAT implements all of those ways (in particular, the 
>restriction Max_Image_Length), but that is hardly the fault of the language!

I see. I guess the error message could suggest those options, too. Perhaps
 after the 2022 Gnat support work is completed.

That buffer support is pretty neat but my main concern which Gnat may (it
 may not) address more than the current language by providing a cortex
 runtime. Is that such demanding runtimes are brilliant but I am not sure if
 even Ravenscar is scalable to so many microchips such as Rust is trying to
 support. That isn't a huge issue but barriers to entry like having to work
 out your own exception replacement might be turning users away. Which is
 unfortunate when Ada is the best language out there by a significant margin
 for embedded development or frankly any protocol or hardware register use.

Of course others will rightly argue Ada is the best due to many of the more
 complex runtime features but that doesn't help with the issue of ease of
 adoption on an unsupported microchip that I have raised above.

>For anyone else interested in this particular discussion, I recommend 
>reading and following up on the ARG Githib issue rather than here 

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