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From: "J-P. Rosen" <>
Subject: Re: Upcasting interfaces with CPP convention in GNAT
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2023 15:11:54 +0100	[thread overview]
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Le 02/11/2023 à 13:20, Kura a écrit :
>      type IBase is interface;
>      pragma Convention (C_Plus_Plus, IBase);
>      type IBase_Ptr is access all IBase'Class;
>      type IDerived is interface and IBase;
>      pragma Convention (C_Plus_Plus, IDerived);
>      type IDerived_Ptr is access all IDerived'Class;
I don't know if this is the cause of your problem, but you should give 
convention C_Plus_Plus to the pointer types too (IBase_Ptr and 

J-P. Rosen
2 rue du Docteur Lombard, 92441 Issy-les-Moulineaux CEDEX

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