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From: Fernando Oleo / Irvise <>
Subject: Re: Ada Monthly Meetup 2023
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2023 19:16:21 +0200	[thread overview]
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Hello everybody!

I would like to announce the November Ada Monthly Meetup which will be 
taking place on the 4th of November at **14:00 UTC time (15:00 CET)**. 
As always the meetup will take place over at Jitsi. Hopefully this time 
I will not have the same amount of technical issues…

If someone would like to propose a talk or a topic, feel free to do so!
Streaksu, the creator of the [Ironclad]( kernel, 
has volunteered to give an introductory talk and demonstration of the OS :)

Here are the connection details from previous posts:
The meetup will take place over at Jitsi, a conferencing software that 
runs on any modern browser. The link is [Jitsi Meet 
]( The room name is 
“AdaMonthlyMeetup” and in case it asks for a password, it will be set to 
I do not want to set up a password, but in case it is needed, it will be 
the one above without the quotes. The room name is generally not needed 
as the link should take you directly there, but I want to write it down 
just in case someone needs it.

Best regards and see you soon!

P.S: careful with the time! In the EU we will enter daylight savings 
time at the end of October. For that reason, I have decided to change 
the meeting to UTC 14:00h! Please, check you local timezones!

P.P.S: the October meeting went pretty well! We had quite a few people 
and two presentations, one from Francesc, who introduced 
[Alice]( and Rod Kay, who 
showed his work on [SWIG4Ada]( The 
meeting was livestreamed to Youtube and can be watched 
[here]( (the video 
resolution is only 360p for the time being).

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