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From: Fernando Oleo Blanco <>
Subject: Re: Ada Monthly Meetup 2023
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2023 17:38:18 +0200	[thread overview]
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Hi all,

this message contains the final time of the meeting, connection details 
and other info.

The first “official” Ada Monthly Meetup will take place this Saturday, 
1st of July, at 13:00 UTC Time. That corresponds to 15:00 CET (Central 
European Time: Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Rome…).

The meetup will take place over at Jitsi, a conferencing software that 
runs on any modern browser. The link is The room name is “AdaMonthlyMeetup” 
and in case it asks for a password, it will be set to “AdaRules”.
I do not want to set up a password, but in case it is needed, it will be 
the one above without the quotes. The room name is generally not needed 
as the link should take you directly there, but I want to write it down 
just in case someone needs it.


No one proposed any topics, but there was a proposal that I quite liked!
An Ada user told me they would like for people to present themselves 
with a brief introduction so that listeners and other new users could 
tell who is who. I think this is a great idea as that allows the 
community to get closer together, know who is who and what they work on 
and have a better understanding of the speakers and their background. 
Obviously, this will be optional, nobody will be forced to do this in 
any kind of way. The introductions should be short (think 30s to a 
minute) and I will be the first one to do it to help break the ice :smiley:

If I forgot something, please, point it out so that any issues can get 
patched out.

Notice! The link to the room has been changed to be more “universal”. So 
please, share it with people who received the old link. Another point is 
that the password, in case it is needed, has also changed. I sadly 
cannot block the room with a password unless a moderator in connected. 
This means that there is a very unlikely chance someone could vandalise 
the room, but I do not expect this to be a problem. Also the 
presentation will not be streamed just yet. I did not have time to test 
it but Maxim kindly agreed to help, so that will be coming down the line.

Best regards,

P.S: I, Fer, will post this over at the C.L.A and . Feel 
free to repost this to Reddit, Gitter/Matrix, Telegram or any other 
channels! The more people know about this, the better (I hope).

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