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From: "Stéphane Rivière" <>
Subject: Re: Is gnoga dead?
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2023 19:55:56 +0200	[thread overview]
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Gnoga not dead, but being maintained by Pascal, Gautier and other
individuals and companies.

Expect a pleasant surprise (imho) before the end of the year (with full
web demos). v22 manual abstract :

1        About v22 framework
1.1      Ready to use in production

v22 is a general purpose, KISS oriented, modular Ada framework for
GNU/Linux Debian/Ubuntu service, console and web programs.

v22 is composed of many packages in charge of UTF-8 strings, program and
OS functions, HTTP(s)/WS(s) web framework, integrated cURL, console
handling and text files, advanced network, MySQL and SQLite high level
binding, logging and configuration files handling.

Although based on the v20 library, the v22 framework represents a major
step forward in the following areas:
- UTF-8 compatibility;
- Simplified string processing (only one UTF-8 String type is used);
- Internationalization;
- New and extended database API;
- Extended database access to MySQL, in addition to SQLite, with schema
on-the-fly update at table, index, and colums level;
- Improved concurrent access and performance for SQLite;
- New LGPLv3 licensing instead of GPLv3;
- New FSF GNAT GCC Linux ready-to-use development environment for v22
(not tied anymore to GPLv2 licence);
- And much more.

1.2      Cooperative and open

v22's native dependencies are Gnoga, Simple_Components, UXStrings and

v22 is both a high-level framework and an extension to the lower level
components cited above. v22 has been designed to:
- Use unmodified components;
- Not "reinvent the wheel". Component functions are to be used first;
- Offer higher-level functions or functions that do not exist in the


In short:
- UXStrings is used throughout v22. The v22.Uxs package extends
UXStrings functionality. The v22.Sql package extends the functionality
of Gnoga.Server.Database. The v22.Gui graphics framework is based on
- v22's architecture allows it to be open to additional packages,
depending on the software development required.

Stéphane Rivière
Ile d'Oléron - France

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