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From: "Dmitry A. Kazakov" <>
Subject: Re: project euler 26
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2023 09:23:13 +0200	[thread overview]
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On 2023-09-08 03:32, Ben Bacarisse wrote:
> "Dmitry A. Kazakov" <> writes:
>> On 2023-09-07 01:32, Ben Bacarisse wrote:
>>> "Dmitry A. Kazakov" <> writes:
>>>> On 2023-09-06 17:16, Ben Bacarisse wrote:
>>> Second, if I try to use a Vector rather than an Ordered_Map, I am told
>>> that:
>>> test2.adb:97:05: error: instantiation error at line 12
>>> test2.adb:97:05: error: no visible subprogram matches the specification for "<"
>>> It would seem that vector cursors can't be compared using < (at least by
>>> default).  Maybe the installation needs more arguments.
>> Vector has a proper index type. All you have to do is. Given
>>     package Integer_Vectors is
>>        new Ada.Containers.Vectors (Integer, Integer);
>> Wrap Element into a function:
>>     V : Integer_Vectors.Vector;
>>     function Element (Index : Integer) return Integer is
>>     begin
>>        return V.Element (Index);
>>     end Element;
>>     ...
>> and use the wrapper.
> Sure, but the hope was to write something that does not need new
> code for new situations.  That's what makes it reusable.

Why should it be? You wanted to find maximum of a function. Vector is 
not a function. It is in mathematical terms, but not in the language 
terms. The abstraction for finding maximum in a container is just a 
different abstraction.

>> Then you would pass Has_Element for it. For integers you would use wrapped
>> X'Valid (there is no Integer'Valid, unfortunately. Only X'Valid where X is
>> an object).
> It's definitely getting what I call cumbersome.

Yes, because you try too hard to make it work where it probably should not.

> I don't think this is incoherent.  The Haskell libraries ensure that any
> collection that is logically foldable is indeed foldable.

Ada arrays and library containers do not share interfaces. [It is a long 
discussion how they could be]. But similarly, there is no shared 
interface between digits of a number in octal base and a container and a 
string in UTF-16 encoding. Should there be? No. Should the language 
allow adding ad-hoc interfaces to existing types. Yes, and this is 
possible in Ada in some very uncomfortable AKA cumbersome way, which is 
why "finding maximum" is not a worthy abstraction in Ada.

>>> The bottom line is the last argument should be something very general
>>> like the Period function.
>>> A fix (though it's not really ideal) would be to use function
>>> composition here (inventing . as the composition operator):
>>>     Map_Functions.Maximum_At (X.First, X.Last, Period'Access
>>> . Element'Access)
>>> but I don't think Ada has a function composition operator, does it?
>> No as it would require closures.
> What closure is required for a function composition?  There is no
> environment to "close over".

In Ada a function can use anything visible at its declaration point and 
at the location of its body. You can even declare a function inside a 
recursively called function and let it see local variables of each 
recursive call, in effect having an infinite set of functions.

> That's a lot just to use something that is supposed to be reusable.

[rant on]
An Ada programmer would just write a loop. Abstractions are meant to 
abstract the problem domain. If you starting abstract elementary 
programming activities, then there might be something wrong with the 
language or with you.

Then there is a point about readability. When I see a loop I say, aha 
this is what the guy is going to do. When I see a pile of calls of a 
dozen generic instances with arbitrary names, I begin to worry.

In my view it is a road to nowhere, for an imperative language at least. 
The end of this road can be seen in modern C++. 20 years ago C++ was 
severely crippled broken but sometimes enjoyable language. You could 
*read* a C++ program. In these days with all libraries it became Forth 
on steroids. There is no such thing as a C++ program anymore, just calls 
upon calls.
[rant off]

> It only occurred to me after writing the non-generic solution.  I
> remember Ada as being something of a pioneer in it's attempt to provide
> generic solutions, so I wondered how far things had come.  I don't think
> something really widely reusable is possible in this case.

As I said you think in a wrong direction of abstracting the language 
"finding maximum" rather than the problem space, e.g. generalization to 
other bases, other mathematical structures etc.

Dmitry A. Kazakov

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