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From: Rod Kay <>
Subject: Re: GnatStudio 20230501 released
Date: Mon, 15 May 2023 20:41:14 +1000	[thread overview]
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On 15/5/23 07:31, wrote:
> And for Linux it's an appimage. Why? I mean? Its...?
> I just wish they could get it into shape where the build was doable without so much hassle - I've never beenable to manage it.

    The build *has* been getting easier. I maintain the Archlinux 
gnatStudio package and have nearly got it to build. Currently, I'm 
waiting on a new/matching release of the AdaCore spawn project. I could, 
I suppose, use the latest commit version but would prefer to use a 
formal release.

    Also, in the new binary, 'Find all references' appears to be broken 
(it finds no references). I guess, the same would apply for the 
refactoring tool. I've been advised to report the issue and will do so 
tomorrow. It might help to know if other people also experience the same 
problem(s), before reporting ?


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