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From: Maxim Reznik <>
Subject: Re: GnatStudio 20230501 released
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2023 02:21:55 -0700 (PDT)	[thread overview]
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понедельник, 15 мая 2023 г. в 13:43:31 UTC+3, Rod Kay:
> On 15/5/23 07:31, 196...@ wrote: 
> > And for Linux it's an appimage. Why? I mean? Its...? 
> > 

Why not? It's compact. It doesn't require any installation, so it's handy. You can extract content with --appimage-extract and install GS with ./squashfs-root/usr/doinstall as before.

> > I just wish they could get it into shape where the build was doable without so much hassle - I've never beenable to manage it.
> The build *has* been getting easier. I maintain the Archlinux 
> gnatStudio package and have nearly got it to build. Currently, I'm 
> waiting on a new/matching release of the AdaCore spawn project. I could, 
> I suppose, use the latest commit version but would prefer to use a 
> formal release. 

All sources are in release assets, like gnatstudio-sources-x86_64-linux.tar.gz. It has spawn-24.0w-20230428-162D4-src.tar.gz for example.

> Also, in the new binary, 'Find all references' appears to be broken 
> (it finds no references). I guess, the same would apply for the 
> refactoring tool. I've been advised to report the issue and will do so 
> tomorrow. It might help to know if other people also experience the same 
> problem(s), before reporting ? 

It looks like your ada_language_server doesn't work. Take a look in GS log files (in ~/.gnatstudio/ folder).

> Regards.

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