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From: Gautier write-only address <>
Subject: Ann: GWindows release, 29-May-2023
Date: Mon, 29 May 2023 09:19:11 -0700 (PDT)	[thread overview]
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GWindows is a full Microsoft Windows Rapid Application Development
framework for programming GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) with Ada.
GWindows works only with the GNAT development system,
but with some effort, GWindows could be made pure Ada.
GWindows is free and open-source!

Changes to the framework are detailed in gwindows/changes.txt or
in the News forum on the project site.

In a nutshell (since last announcement here):

GWindows release, 29-May-2023 [revision 480]

   * Fixes: color picker dialog, mouse wheel methods

478: Contribution: added package GWindows.Pipes
477: Contribution: added package GWindows.Timers
476: Contribution: added package GWindows.Persistence_IO
466: Contribution: initial release of package Office_Applications
        for helping creating office-like applications.

GWindows release, 13-Nov-2022 [revision 459]

458: GWindows.Common_Controls.Ex_List_View: added `Using_Payloads`
        to the enumerated type `Comparison_Technique_Type`.
        With this choice, sorting runs 100x faster.
451: GWindows.Common_Controls.Ex_List_View: added `As_Strings_Default`
        to the enumerated type `Comparison_Technique_Type` (sorting runs
        faster if default alphabetical sorting is desired).
449: GWindows.Application: added procedure `Add_To_Recent_Documents`.
        Windows Explorer & Desktop puts the name on top of various
        "recent documents" lists, for instance in the task bar.
447: GWindows.Common_Controls.Ex_List_View: massive speedup on sorting
        of large lists (e.g. 6x faster for 20,000 items).

GWindows release, 18-Jun-2022 [revision 440]

   * Installer: ResEdit.xml configuration file for the ResEdit
         Resource Editor is automatically created and set up for
         current GNAT installation(s), GWindows and GWenerator.
   * Fixed a few 32/64 bit incompatibilities in GWindows.Windows and
   * Fixed various GNATCOM issues.

GWindows Project site:

GWindows GitHub clone:

Gautier's Ada programming
NB: follow the above link for a valid e-mail address 

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