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From: Gautier write-only address <>
Subject: Re: Ann: GWindows release, 29-May-2023
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2023 23:09:18 -0700 (PDT)	[thread overview]
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On Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 9:56:17 AM UTC+2, Jeffrey R.Carter wrote:

> I took a quick look. Wouldn't all of Gnatcom need to be replaced? 

Good question.
When I compile a project using GWindows, GNAT uses 10 of the 53 GNATCOM packages.
One GNATism is 4x 'Unrestricted_Access in GNATCOM.Types, for accesses such as:

   VARIANT_MISSING : aliased constant VARIANT :=
     (VT_ERROR, 0, 0, 0, u => (Which => 8, scode => DISP_E_PARAMNOTFOUND));

that could be either resolved into a standard Ada form or exiled into another package (GWindows doesn't need them).
Something thougher is a couple of intrinsic imports (sync_add_and_fetch, sync_sub_and_fetch):
   function sync_add_and_fetch
     (Ref : access Interfaces.Unsigned_32;
      Add : Interfaces.Unsigned_32)
      return Interfaces.Unsigned_32
       Convention => Intrinsic,
       External_Name => "__sync_add_and_fetch_4";

which seems to be specific to GCC (and actually, not even all versions of GCC...)

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