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From: AdaMagica <>
Subject: Re: Ada 2022 Language Reference Manual to be Published by Springer
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2023 09:15:37 -0700 (PDT)	[thread overview]
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Dirk Craeynest schrieb am Mittwoch, 14. Juni 2023 um 16:13:36 UTC+2:
> AdaMagica <> wrote: 
> >This ist still Draft 35. The final version is not yet available.
> Note that the page at the above URL mentions: 
> "This is draft 35. This draft contains all ARG-approved AI12s. This 
> is the draft that has been submitted to complete the standardization 
> process." 
> So draft 35 *is* what was submitted to ISO. 

Yes; I know...

> That message claimed about the ISO document: "The ToC is very different 
> from Draft 35." 

Funny, when I first opened the preview, the complete table of contents with page numbers could be read. The ISO document had far less pages then Draft 35 (951 pages). I wondered how this could be...
Now the ToC is without page numbers, so I cannot compare.

If you compare the ISO ToC and the Draft 35 one, you'll see that clause and subclause numbers differ. So old references like RM 3.5 will lead astray.

                           ---   ISO locuta, causa finita.   ---

> While draft 35 is what was submitted to ISO, the documents indeed are 
> not identical. Though I would not say the ToC's are "very different". 
> Yes, the introductory chapters in the ISO document are slightly 
> different from those in the RM on, and there's no Annex on 
> "Obsolescent Features" nor a "Glossary" (that was removed in draft 35 
> anyway). All this is due to specific requirements that ISO has for its 
> standards. There are more differences, such as the ISO document not 
> having any paragraph numbers as those are not allowed in ISO standards. 
> But the bulk of the ToC is identical, apart from those differences 
> required by ISO. Most importantly: the described language in both 
> documents is identical. 

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