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From: "Jeremy Grosser <>" <>
Subject: Re: Broadcast / iterate to all Connection objects via Simple Components?
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2023 08:40:05 -0800 (PST)	[thread overview]
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> epoll is definitely the modern approach on linux, until of course someone finds 
> something even better. epoll is fully thread safe too, which is very nice when 
> used from Ada. 

For high performance networking, io_uring [1] is the new kid on the block, but the API involves a scary amount of pointer manipulation, so I'm not convinced that it's safe to use yet.

While epoll is thread safe, there are some subtleties. If you register a listening socket with epoll, then call epoll_wait from multiple threads, more than one thread may be woken up when the socket has a waiting incoming connection to be accepted. Only one thread will get a successful return from accept(), the others will return EAGAIN. This wastes cycles if your server handles lots of incoming connections. The recently added (kernel >=4.5) EPOLLEXCLUSIVE flag enables a mutex that ensures the event is only delivered to a single thread.

> They also have strong concerns about platform-agnostic support, and epoll is linux-specific 
> at this point (likely also BSD). There exists multiple libraries out there that provide an API 
> common to multiple platforms, and that use epoll on linux. Maybe that's what would make 
> sense, but nowadays with Alire, I would expect someone to build a crate there rather than 
> AdaCore modify GNAT.Sockets.

On BSD, the kqueue [2] API provides similar functionality to epoll. I believe kqueue is a better design, but you use what your platform supports.

libev [3] is the library I see used most commonly for cross-platform evented I/O. It will use the best available polling syscalls on whatever platform it's compiled for. Unfortunately, it's composed mostly of C preprocessor macros.

I've already written an epoll binding [5] that's in the Alire index. GNAT.Sockets provides the types and bindings for the portable syscalls.

For the Protohackers puzzles, I've written a small evented I/O server using those bindings [6]. Note that this server does not use events for the send() calls yet, which may block, though in practice it isn't an issue with the size of the payloads used in this application. I do plan to refactor this to buffer data to be sent when the Writable (EPOLLOUT) event is ready.

So far, I've found tasks and coroutines to be unnecessary for these servers, though coroutines would make it possible to implement Ada.Streams compatible Read and Write procedures, providing a cleaner interface that doesn't expose callbacks to the user.


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