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From: Kenneth Wolcott <>
Subject: Re: ALR unable to get many packages
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2023 17:04:28 -0700 (PDT)	[thread overview]
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Hi Simon;

  Vast improvement after changing the PATH env var as you instructed!

   I have an edited get+build log (hope it is not too long).  Looks like there are still some sed issues and other things I'm not sure about.

  I guess it is too long; well it is definitely too annoying to copy&paste a screenfull at a time...

What I saw:

sed issues (three instances):

sed: illegal option -- s
usage: sed script [-Ealnru] [-i extension] [file ...]
        sed [-Ealnu] [-i extension] [-e script] ... [-f script_file] ... [file ...]

TWO: warning: in instantiation at gnatcoll-storage_pools-headers.adb:57 [enabled by default] warning: possible aliasing problem for type "Header_Access" [enabled by default] warning: use -fno-strict-aliasing switch for references [enabled by default] warning: or use "pragma No_Strict_Aliasing (Header_Access);" [enabled by default]

Lots of "Exploring..." would there be something useful here as far as something not pertinent being examined or something that was NOT explored that should have been?

Lots of "Building"...If it doesn't complain then there's nothing missing and nothing wrong with the C and Ada sources?

The process generates at least three times a warning something like the following:
"Generating possibly incomplete environment because of missing dependencies"

What do I do now to ascertain the precise state of the alr aws package?


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