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From: Fernando Oleo / Irvise <>
Subject: Re: Ada Monthly Meetup 2024
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2024 16:38:50 +0100	[thread overview]
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The March 2024 Meetup just finished! Thanks to everybody who participated.

Quite a few topics were discussed, here is a list of topics and 
references to them:

- WolfSSL and its Ada binding
     - [Initial commit, SPARK 
     - [Build as a library, PR currently 
     - WolfSSL created the binding to "create" demand. The Ada community 
can help raise awareness of these tools and create a symbiotic 
relationship with companies and people invested in Ada.
- [Ada Developer 
Workshop]( taking 
place in Barcelona the 14th of June.
    - The (current) submission deadline for presentations is the 31st of 
    - Online participation is expected. We will try and have a setup to 
let people participate online!
    - It was created in order to let the wider Ada community have a home 
to meet and talk about Ada. This is a "response" to the lack of an Ada 
DevRoom @ FOSDEM the past couple of years.
- [Alire v2.0 is around the 
     - Help test the new [Release Candidate 
     - Mac M1 (ARM64) support is in the works. Thanks Simon and Maxim!
- There is now a list of [projects to work 
on]( in the main Ada-Lang 
     - It focuses of projects that would help the wider Ada community.
- [Ada support for org-mode code blocks (babel) is now going to be part 
of the official org-mode distribution of 
     - Thanks Francesc for the work!
- The [NSA published a list of memory safe 
    - Ada was not mentioned in the list of programming languages. 
Nonetheless Ada/SPARK are listed in the references.
    - Ada needs better visibility and "marketing".
- The GCC 14's Ada changelog section is on its way, stay tuned!

See you in one month (more or less)! Regards,

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