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From: Blady <>
Subject: Limited with too restrictive?
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2024 17:11:35 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <unucno$89u$> (raw)


I want to break some unit circularity definitions with access types as 
for instance with record:

    type R1;
    type AR1 is access R1;
    type R1 is record
       Data : Natural;
       Next : AR1;
    end record;

In my case, I have a unit:

package test_20240113_modr is
    type R2 is record
       Data : Natural;
    end record;
    type AR2 is access R2;
end test_20240113_modr;

"limited withed" in:

limited with test_20240113_modr;
package test_20240113_mods is
procedure PS1 (V : test_20240113_modr.R2);
procedure PS2 (V : test_20240113_modr.AR2);

Let's imagine the circularity, thus PS1 and PS2 definition are legal.

Of course the following isn't legal:

type AS1 is array (1..2) of test_20240113_modr.R2; -- illegal

However why not with access type:

type AS2 is array (1..2) of test_20240113_modr.AR2; -- illegal

Likewise, why not:

    type AS3 is record
       Data : Natural;
       Next : test_20240113_modr.AR2; -- illegal
    end record;

Isn't "limited with" too restrictive, is it?

Well, I could make some code transferts from unit to another or access 
conversions, that's I actually do but at heavy cost.

Thanks, Pascal.

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