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From: "Nasser M. Abbasi" <>
Subject: Ada vs. Rust for low level system software
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2023 22:28:40 -0600	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <ulbbtp$1evv$> (raw)

Has anyone made study of difference between Rust and Ada for low level hardware
system software?

Since Ada is mainly used in this area, why has Rust, which is much
younger language, and target this same area has gained so much
popularity but not Ada?

"Rust is a rising programming language designed to build system
software [4, 10, 20]. On the one hand, Rust offers access to and control
of the low-level system resources. On the other hand,
unlike conventional systems programming languages, Rust
ensures memory and concurrency safety"

"Rust often inserts bound checks at the execution time to rule
out out-of-bound accesses"

Well, does not Ada also "ensures memory and concurrency safety"
and checks for out-of-bound accesses?

I am just wondering what does Rust brings to the table that
Ada does not have and why is Rust becoming so popular when
Ada is not.

I never used Rust myself, but used Ada.

Any one done study comparing the two languages or knows
both that can give some comments on this?


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