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From: "Randy Brukardt" <>
Subject: Re: Source code for the ARM Formatting Tool
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2023 19:17:08 -0600	[thread overview]
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On each of the individual Reference Manual pages (that is, Ada 2012, Ada 
2022, etc.) on, at the bottom, you will find links for the 
formatting tool, one for a Windows executable, one for the CVS, and one for 
a ZIP file containing the source.

I'm not sure why you are seeing compilation problems with the CVS; it 
appears complete and correct on my end. Did you make sure that you have the 
latest versions of all of the files (they were updated on October 3rd)?

For example, the ARM_Frm.Adb file should have a change entry of:
   --  9/11/23 - RLB - Added Usage category and commands.
and of course have code for the Usage category and commands. I've started 
some work for the post-Ada 2022 RM (currently known as Ada 202y) - the tool 
is constantly evolving.

One of the advantages of using the ZIP files is that they reflect the tool 
as it was used to generate a specific version of the RM; the "current" 
version of the tool probably only has been tested on the "current" version 
of the RM source and thus it is not certain to work perfectly.


"Vincent D." <> wrote in message
Le mercredi 1 novembre 2023 à 02:56:27 UTC+1, Randy Brukardt a écrit :

> > Because it's not in CVS.

> It is now. And it always was in the ZIP file of the source. (That is made
> from the files that I use to compile the tool, so it should always be
> compilable.)
> One of the big downsides of working at home is that some support functions
> get delayed until one gets into the office -- and that means that they're
> easily forgotten. As in this case, checking the new files into the CVS 
> (the
> existing files were updated, of course, leaving a mess for anyone trying 
> to
> buold from the CVS).
> Sorry about that.
> Randy.

I am sorry, but even if I put the package "arm_paragraph" in the source 
code, I get compile errors :
for instance in version 0e95e9125e066ce564fe369221821452535b6260 :
gprbuild -p -P ada_form.gpr
   [Ada]          arm_form.ada
   [Ada]          arm_cont.adb
   [Ada]          arm_frm.adb
arm_frm.adb:1163:13: error: missing case value: "Usage"
arm_frm.adb:1544:33: error: missing case value: "Usage"
arm_frm.adb:1680:33: error: missing case value: "Usage"
arm_frm.adb:1738:17: error: missing case value: "Usage"
arm_frm.adb:2099:17: error: missing case value: "Usage"
arm_frm.adb:2197:17: error: missing case value: "Usage"
arm_frm.adb:9357:53: error: "Numbered_T_and_D_List" not declared in 
arm_frm.adb:9362:53: error: "T_and_D_List" not declared in "ARM_Database"
arm_frms.adb:1415:33: error: unmatched actual "Note1_Text" in call
gprbuild: *** compilation phase failed

And with the latest : gprbuild -p -P ada_form.gpr
   [Ada]          arm_form.ada
arm_form.ada:263:41: error: "Rest" not declared in "ARM_Master"
gprbuild: *** compilation phase failed

What is the ZIP file of the source that you mentioned ? Where can I find it 



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