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From: "Randy Brukardt" <>
Subject: Re: Windows file timestamp converted to local time
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2023 21:39:09 -0500	[thread overview]
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"Niklas Holsti" <niklas.holsti@tidorum.invalid> wrote in message
> On 2023-10-16 21:35, Matt Borchers wrote:
>> Below is the function from System.OS_Lib.
>> Does anybody know where the C implementation can be found?
>> Does anybody know where the C implementation of "localtime" is found?
>>     function File_Time_Stamp (Name : C_File_Name) return OS_Time is
>>        function File_Time (Name : Address) return OS_Time;
>>        pragma Import (C, File_Time, "__gnat_file_time_name");
>>     begin
>>        return File_Time (Name);
>>     end File_Time_Stamp;
> (This question seems to be a follow-up ("Re:") to some earlier post, but 
> my newsreader does not seem to find or show that earlier post.)
> What is the problem?
> Have you tried using the standard Ada services: 
> Ada.Directories.Modification_Time and 
> Ada.Calendar.Time_Zones.Local_Time_Offset? those will work on (almost) any target system, while the actual 
implementation is going to be rather OS-dependent. And there never is a good 
reason to use a GNAT-only (or any compiler-specific, for any compiler) 
facility when there is an equivalent standard facility. Most of those 
facilities pre-date the Ada ones.


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