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From: Fernando Oleo Blanco <>
Subject: Re: Ada Monthly Meeting proposal
Date: Wed, 10 May 2023 17:39:45 +0200	[thread overview]
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* Reboot of the Ada Monthly Meeting

   Dear all. Once again, after a long pause, I want to revive the idea
   of a monthly meeting to discuss the latest Ada events, projects,
   releases or just have a chat about a topic.

   I will not repeat what I said in the original message as all points
   still stand.

   I was happy with the reception that the proposal gathered, alas it
   did not take place. However, I was thinking about having one at the
   beginning of each month. There would be a pause during summer
   (August for most people and potentially September) and FOSDEM.

* When do "we" start?

   As I would not like to postpone it much more, I would like to
   kickstart it this June. So the first one would be either Saturday 3
   or Sunday 4 of July.

   I know this sounds a bit rushed. However, if I do not set a date for
   me and other people, we will just keep pushing it further and
   further. This firt meetup would just be to test the waters and
   receive feedback. There would be another one in July and then
   summer, after which I hope to get a serious and continuous stream of

   I was thinking that we could have a meetup at around 12PM UTC
   time. It is early but not crazy early for those in USA and late for
   those in far east Asia such as Australia. Here in Europe it falls
   close to the meal time, which is not ideal... If a lot of people do
   not like this time, it can be easily moved a bit earlier or

* What to expect?

   I would like to keep this meetups sweet and short. I was thinking
   maybe 45 minutes long, maybe an hour. That would allow for a quick
   round of news, topics and introductions (something like what Maxim
   Reznik does but a lot shorter). Then 2 to 4 topics (depending on the
   time needed by each one). The topics would be what other and I
   already proposed. This would give between 20 to 10 minutes for each

   Once again, this is the starting proposal. Adjustments will be

* What do I need?

- What is you opinion?
- Do you have a topic/project that you would like to show to the
- Do you like the chosen time?
- Do you like the week of the month?
- Is Jitsi [1] a good enough platform to do the meetings?
- Do you think that 45 min / 1 h is a good enough duration?
- Would you like to participate on Saturday 3 or Sunday 4?


Once again, best regards,

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