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From: "Jeffrey R.Carter" <>
Subject: Re: Weird error emanating from GNAT binder: duplicat "gnatS"
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2023 10:37:24 +0100	[thread overview]
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On 2023-02-22 09:50, Jerry wrote:
> Since my most recent post, and before I read this note from Niklas, I
> * Removed the circular dependency between packages common and signal_processing and consequently was able to remove the "limited with" clause.

> * The "limited with" has been in the code for a few years; the problem that I am reporting has begun only about 2-3 days ago. At that point, I was adding a function to common.adb and; upon recompiling, the bug appeared. When I restored those files from backup, the problem remained. To be clear, the "limited with" has been present for a long time with successful compilation until 2-3 days ago.

> * As far as I know, which is pretty far, the source code hasn't changed. As we all know, those are famous last words. :-| But the compiler isn't point to my code.

The first two statements seem to contradict the third. I will presume that you 
have returned the code to the state that previously built successfully, and are 
still getting the problem.

Something must have changed (unless GNAT 12 has a time bomb). How long have you 
been using the version of the compiler that gives you the error?

I would suggest deleting all compiler artifacts: .ali, .o[bj], executable, and 
trying again.

You could also try using gnatmake without a project file rather than gprbuild or 
gnatmake with a project file to see if that has any effect.

GNAT 12 has significant known errors that prevent it from compiling legal code. 
I'm sticking with V11[.3] until they're resolved. You might need to do the same.

Jeff Carter
“If it can't be expressed in figures,
it is not science--it is opinion.”
The Notebooks of Lazarus Long

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