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From: "G.B." <bauhaus@notmyhomepage.invalid>
Subject: Re: MS going to rust (and Linux too)
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2022 19:49:19 +0200	[thread overview]
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On 24.09.22 15:05, Luke A. Guest wrote:
> On 24/09/2022 12:41, G.B. wrote:
>> Write a really good driver for Linux using Ada 2012 and do not use
>> capital letters in the source text, at least where Linux doesn't.
>> Be silent about the language. Can an Adaist do that, to save the
>> language?
> The biggest problem is that the compiled runtime is compiler version dependent and the pain of making a runtime for linux kernel dev available for each and every compiler version, remember these things can also change on a version change too.

Won't the Ada run-time need very little?
Even the full Ravenscar profile seems to offer too much,
as, for example, Linux kernel drivers need no Ada tasking
at all. Would I want Ada exceptions in drivers?
And to hell with Ada Strings and non-kernel I/O ;-)

If a "kernel-profiled" flavor of protected types will be
an interesting approach to handling events and race
conditions, by basing protected objects on kernel primitives,
then I imagine their implementation to be another nice one
_not_ to brag about, but to just use. Every language is adding
"await" and "async", Java has gone lower than "synchronized"
many versions ago. Every language is not just catching up,
from users' POV...

Ada 2022 is full of popular niceties (cf. "Ada 2022 Overview posted").
Combine them with added insight into program properties
when using SPARK and similar features. The resulting language
needs no mention of the name "Ada" at all in order to be convincing.

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