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From: ldries46 <>
Subject: Printing with Gtk runs but produces only empty pages
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2023 17:01:38 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <nnd$7cb04156$277d633d@640fc264714dd304> (raw)

I am trying to crate a Gtk print procedure,
 From the point I start creating Print_Op and Print_Set the code I use is:

          Print_Op := new Gtkada_Print_Operation_Record;
          Gtkada.Printing.Initialize (Print_Op);
          Set_Current_Page (Print_Op, 1);
          Number := long_float(last_line) / long_float(delta_lines);
          Number := long_float'Ceiling(Number);
          nr_Pages := Gint(Number);
          Set_N_Pages (Print_Op, nr_Pages + 1);

I just put a breakpoint at the line after Set_N_Pages. I also found the 
following parameters. If I delete the + 1 in the last line get message 
that possily point to adres 0*0

nr                 100
delta_lines    56
last_line         14
nr_Pages          1

On the Debugging Console I got the following messages:

(gdb) show lang
&"show lang\n"
~"The current source language is \"auto; currently ada\".\n"
ptype &Print_Op
&"ptype &Print_Op\n"
~"type = access access new 
gtk.print_operation.gtk_print_operation_record with record null; end 
-data-evaluate-expression "Print_Op"

The folowing code is:

          Set_Use_Full_Page(Print_Op, true);
          Set_Unit (Print_Op, points);
          On_Draw_Page(Print_Op, Draw);
          Result := Connect_and_Run(Print_Op ,Action_Print_Dialog, 

The overall result is that the program does not show a failure but also 
does not print any thing except an empty page.
As I try to debug something not all parameters displayed in the 
variables window when I am running the debugger.

Can anyone tell me wher to find a working example?

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