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From: Simon Wright <>
Subject: Re: gcc-13.2.0
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2023 17:08:27 +0100	[thread overview]
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"" <> writes:

> Ventura 13.5.2

So you're running on a Mac; mini? air? pro? M1/2? Intel?

> I have downloaded GNATStudio 20230713 and gcc-13.2.0 ...,
> then what shall I do next to get GNATStudio up and running?

GNATStudio is an app, supplied as a .dmg.

What I would do (subtly different from the README on Sourceforge) would

* go to your ~/Downloads directory, and in a terminal say
    xattr -c 20230713-Applications.dmg
  to remove the quarantine attributes (I think this is easier than
  waiting until you've installed it)

* Either double-click on the .dmg in Finder, or in ~/Downloads say
    open 20230713-Applications.dmg
  and go through the standard installation dialog, which will install
  GNATStudio in your Applications directory.

As to gcc-13.2.0 ... assuming this is a binary distribution, where did
it come from? presumably there are installation instructions there?
There's a note in the Sourceforge README about what to do if the
compiler isn't at /opt/gcc-13.1.0/bin, but as far as I can tell
GNATStudio will use the first compiler it finds on your PATH.

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