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From: moi <>
Subject: spurious error with GNAT 13.2.0 on Intel macOS 17.2
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2023 23:49:15 +0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

The 17.2 update is accompanied by updated Command Line Tools,
so, having made a copy of the current CLTs, I let it update.

With GNAT 13.2.0 on Intel macOS 17.2 this happens:

/Users/wf/KDF9/emulation/Testing: chmod 444 ST0

On compiling and running the minimum test case:

with Ada.Direct_IO;
with Ada.IO_Exceptions;
procedure failure is
     package my_IO is new Ada.Direct_IO(Integer);
     use my_IO;
     my_file : File_Type;
Open(my_file, Inout_File, "ST0");
    when Ada.IO_Exceptions.Use_Error =>
        raise program_error with "Open failed to get RW access";
end failure;

I get:

A. with  ”-largs -Wl,-ld_classic” in the linker parameters:

/Users/wf/KDF9/emulation/Testing: failure
raised PROGRAM_ERROR : Open failed to get RW access

This is what should happen.

B. recompiled and relinked without ”-largs -Wl,-ld_classic”:

/Users/wf/KDF9/emulation/Testing: failure
raised CONSTRAINT_ERROR : erroneous memory access


Strangely, this is now the ONLY one out of dozens of regression tests
that fails in this software configuration.
Previously, they all failed at the link stage.

Bill F.

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