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From: Niklas Holsti <niklas.holsti@tidorum.invalid>
Subject: Re: Text_io package's Positive_Count type
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2023 15:52:14 +0200	[thread overview]
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On 2023-01-11 12:14, Mace Ayres wrote:
> I am using GNAT's,2018, GPS on 1 2012 Macbook Pro, Intel Chip, for
> some Ada programming with IO to a terminal. I want to capture the
> cursor position, row, and column with Text_IO line and col functions
> returning to my variables of type Positive_count, declared in my
> package's specification, *.ids file, Compile fails with an ambiguous
> message about my line of code that calls line and col returning to
> Postiive_count type variables.

Please show the code that declares Positive_count, and the calls of Line 
and Col, and explain in which file they are located, and whether those 
files (or the corresponding .ads files) contain any "use" context-clauses.

Showing the compiler's error message would also be helpful. Usually an 
ambiguity problem means that there are several different subprograms 
with the same name, and the compiler does not know which one you want to 
call, because the types of the parameters and the result are not 
sufficiently constraining, or because the call does not qualify the 
subprogram name with a package name.

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