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From: hreba <>
Subject: Serial port configuration
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2014 13:22:20 -0300
Date: 2014-04-06T13:22:20-03:00	[thread overview]
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The problem
I am trying to communicate with an Arduino using 
GNAT.Serial_Communications, which I will abbreviate as "Serial". The 
"Set" procedure isn't detailed enough, I need "fcntl", "tcgetattr" and 
"tcsetattr" which are private in Serial. To call them, I need the file 
descriptor which is a private component of the type "Port".

The Idea
1. Create a new package "SerAux"
2. declare "fcntl", "tcgetattr" and "tcsetattr" the same way as in
    "Serial", but public
3. define a new type "Port" the same way as in "Serial", but public,
    and do the conversion somehow.

The obstacles
Creating the new Port requires to override its methods "Read" and 
"Write", but even doing that the same way as in "Serial" gets me a lot 
of error messages. The SerAux.adb begins like this (reproduced from 
original line # 4 on):

package body SerAux is

    type Port_Data is new int;
    type Port_Data_Access is access Port_Data;
    type Port is new Ada.Streams.Root_Stream_Type with record
       H : Port_Data_Access;
    end record;

    overriding procedure Read
      (--Port   : in out Serial_Port;
       Port   : in out Port;
       Buffer : out Ada.Streams.Stream_Element_Array;
       Last   : out Ada.Streams.Stream_Element_Offset)
       Read (Serial.Serial_Port(Port), Buffer, Last);
    end Read;


The error messages for this fragment are:

seraux.adb:8:09: type must be declared abstract or "Read" overridden
seraux.adb:8:09: "Read" has been inherited at line 8
seraux.adb:8:09: "Read" has been inherited from subprogram at
seraux.adb:13:15: subprogram "Read" is not overriding
seraux.adb:15:23: formal parameter "Port" cannot be used before end of 
seraux.adb:20:07: warning: possible infinite recursion
seraux.adb:20:07: warning: Storage_Error may be raised at run time

The questions
1. Why is all that an error here and not in "Serial"?
2. Am I on the right way or would you solve the problem completely 

Please consider that I am a beginner.


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