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From: Keith Thompson <>
Subject: Re: Please Share Ada -Freedos - Dos experiences
Date: Sat, 27 May 2023 16:31:39 -0700	[thread overview]
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Joakim Strandberg <> writes:
> Another idea is to use the ObjectAda 7.0 compiler (free version) from
> 1996 that can be downloaded here:
> It runs on Windows 95/98 but looking at the documentation for the
> ObjectAda compiler it says it is possible to use the compiler to
> create executables for DOS by using a DOS Extender. I haven't tried it
> but should be possbile to get working. Unfortunately there are
> limitations with the free version. One good thing is that it is
> possible to use tasks freely for creating a FreeDOS application but
> one must restrict one-self to Ada95 since the compiler is from 1996.
> There is a professional version of ObjectAda from 2002 that can be
> downloaded here:
> I've tested it and it works but the documentation no longer talks
> about being able to create executables for FreeDOS. Maybe it can still
> be used to make executables for FreeDOS?

I wonder if those are authorized copies.  I suspect they aren't.

Aonix no longer exists, but apparently its assets are now owned by PTC,
which still sells (a much newer version of) ObjectAda.

The copy on is of a CD whose label says "This edition of
ObjectAda is not licensed for development of commercial software.  This
CD may not be re-sold."  It does have an "All rights reserved" copyright

(I worked for Aonix many years ago, but I have no current connection
with them or their successors.)

Keith Thompson (The_Other_Keith)
Will write code for food.
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