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  1982 - 1991
  Formerly at
  Torrent (magnet) magnet:?xt=urn:btih:67177297E84766DFBF1C9EAAC6CF44B6F40BF3D1&dn=UTZOO

  Walnut Creek Ada CD-ROM (March 1994)
  1991 - 1993

  Usenet Historical Collection
  1993 - 2013

  Eternal September NNTP
  2012 - Current

The earliest messages here were copied from the net.lang.ada group, which was
renamed to comp.lang.ada in 1986. If you have messages from either of these
groups that aren't in the archive, we'd love to include them.

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indicated by the difference between the Posted and Date-Received timestamps.
In most cases, we use the value from the Posted timestamp.

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